Introducing the World’s First IN-SITU Hydrogen Analyzers

Publications / Tech - June 11, 2018

The impossible is now possible!

As the first in the world, NEO Monitors has developed a solution for measuring Hydrogen in-situ using traditional infrared tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy. The underlying technology has already been used successfully for a manifold of industrial applications.

Our new product, LaserGas™ II SP H2, opens up for new opportunities in process control with exceptional response time. Not only that; the cost of monitoring will be significantly reduced compared to traditional monitoring methods. LaserGas™ II SP H2 is accompanied by LaserGas™ II MP H2, an extractive multi-pass solution for applications with higher demands on sensitivity or wherever an in-situ solution is not feasible.

– We have been working towards this moment for years, building brick by brick. It has been perceived as impossible, but we’ve done it anyway! CEO of NEO Monitors, Ketil Gorm Paulsen, says.

The Hydrogen molecule has for a long time been considered as non-absorbing in the infrared region. This is de facto incorrect and by redesigning our analyzers we have achieved an unprecedented sensitivity down to the tiny absorption levels required to monitor Hydrogen.

– Our new analyzer is the perfect solution for many applications and opens up for better process control in reactive, toxic and corrosive gas streams, Paulsen says.

Real-time measurement of Hydrogren

Our new solution will fit in any chemical plant or refinery anywhere in the world. The oil and gas industry, and other chemical production will benefit from real-time measurements of Hydrogen levels.

LaserGas™ II SP and MP H2 provides contactless and continuous monitoring of Hydrogen concentrations with a response times of less than 2 or 20 seconds, respectively. The solution maintains all advantages of the well-proven, trusted and flexible LaserGas™ technology.

LaserGas™ II SP and MP H2 can detect leakages and increase the efficiency of process controls and increase security.

– LaserGas™ II SP and MP H2 will ensure problem-free operations for refineries and chemical plants, thanks to the fast response and low maintenance requirements. Our new analyzers can be used for detection of leakages, improved process control and a range of other applications where continuous Hydrogen monitoring is necessary. Ultimately, LaserGas™ II H2 can be the direct reason accidents are prevented, Paulsen says.

Because the LaserGas™ technology has no zero drift, a continuous internal health check option, and does not need any consumables the maintenance cost of our new analyzers is very low.

Some of LaserGas™ II SP and MP’s features include:

  •   In-situ and extractive H2 monitoring
  •  Applicable for complex and varying gas matrices
  •  No field calibration required

Neo Monitors As is a wholly owned company by the Nederman Group and part of Nederman Insights division.