Achema 2022, product summary

News - September 23, 2022

Did you not have the opportunity to meet us at Achema this year? Here is a brief summary of the products we exhibited.

LaserGas™ III H2 and CO2
Hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS) are becoming an ever more critical part of the fight against climate change. In 2018, we introduced the world’s first hydrogen sensor based on TDLAS technology; and the response overwhelmed us. Since then, a lot has happened and hydrogen is becoming increasingly important in industry and as an energy source. We have therefore strengthened our product portfolio and we are pleased to offer you a hydrogen analyzer specifically designed for safety applications such as production, transportation and storage. Our new LaserGas™ III H2 analyzer can be used in both in-situ and open-path configurations and has an extensive portfolio of relevant certifications (including IECEx, CSA and SIL2). In addition to hydrogen, we have added CO2 to our ever-growing LaserGas™ III gas portfolio.

LaserGas™ iQ2 Mk II
Our new LaserGas™ iQ2 Mk II analyzer builds on the innovative design and flexibility of our ground-breaking first generation iQ2 analyzer. The Mk II is utilizing the new Ultra software offering an increased dynamic measurement range, improved separation of overlapping spectra (IROSS™ 2.0), and advanced baseline-insensitive TDLAS measurement technique, specially designed for combustion applications. Significant enhancements were made including a substantially reduced installation footprint, new optical interface, simplified connectivity and improved serviceability.

LaserGas™ OP H2S and CH4
Safety applications for fence line monitoring and leak detection are becoming more and more important. That’s why we have added two new important gases to our LaserGas™ III OP detector portfolio: H2S and CH4. Like all our LaserGas™ III detectors, they feature IECEX, CSA and SIL2 certification.

LaserDust™ OP
We are part of a Norwegian research project called ‘DustDetect’ together with partners from the research community and industrial end-users. In the framework of this project, we are developing the worldwide unique LaserDust™ OP sensor. It is designed for monitoring diffuse dust emissions in industrial environments and enables our customers to quantify emissions online. We presented a first prototype during ACHEMA and the demo unit will now go for it’s first field test in at Elkem Rana in Central Norway.

Our T-Flange is designed to accommodate two LaserGas™ III (Ultra) analyzers on a single pair of flanges, it enables measurements with long optical path lengths while reducing space requirements and installation costs. Due to the compact design, purging requirements are very low, reducing operating costs. Thanks to a highly configurable design, the T-flange solution can be easily adapted to different configurations and applications; individual analyzers can be easily replaced.
At our booth we displayed a T-flange with a LaserGas™ III O2 and LaserGas™ III CO Ultra, in combination with our CIMO4 display.

Nederman InSight is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) backbone for data acquisition, secure in-plant or cloud storage, and productivity applications. We demonstrated the InSight Cloud integrating measurement readings and analyzer health check information from different instruments around the globe: Our T-Flange solution in Frankfurt at the booth, a LaserDust™ MP in Norway, a LaserGas™ Q in the US, an AFS bag filter in the US, and a Gasmet FTIR in Finland.