LaserGas™ III SP

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NEO Monitors LaserGas™ III SP oxygen analyzer (3rd generation) is specifically designed for service in hazardous areas. The analyzer consists of transmitter and receiver unit that are mounted diametrically opposite each other on stack, ducts or reactors. The laser will cross the process gas and concentration changes are detected in-situ and in real time. LaserGas™ III sets a new standard for fast and reliable Tunable Laser Absorption Spectroscopy analysis (TLAS). The laser scans the absorption line in milliseconds.

Product certifications

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  • 3. Gen compact LaserGas™ electronics
  • For ATEX Ex-d and Class I Division 1
  • Fast response time
  • Low power < 10 Watt
  • Suitable for SIL2 applications
  • No interference from other gases
  • Stable calibration, no zero drift
  • No gas sampling: In-situ measurement
  • Safety application
  • Zero gas application
  • No consumables

Datasheet – LaserGas™III SP (395 kB)

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This product’s industries: Aluminium, Chemical, Iron / Steel, LNG, Metal, Natural gas, Nickel, Nuclearpower, Oil & gas, Power, Powerplants, Refinery

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