By Hans Christian Færden –

Neo Monitors celebrated their 10-year anniversary in 2013 as the commercial part of the foundation Norsk Elektro Optikk (NEO), established by the pioneer in laser research in Norway, Tycho Jaeger.

Oil, gas and industrial companies worldwide use Neo Monitors solutions to measure gas and dust in pipes and tanks. It is interesting that most deliveries go abroad through a global distributor network. The solutions are little known and widespread here in Norway. That is the reason why IngeniørNytt contacted CEO, Ketil Gorm Paulsen.

The company delivered a record result in 2012 with a revenue growth of 20 percent. The growth continued in 2013 and Neo Monitors is the fastest growing company in this niche in Europe. They actually export more than 95 percent of its sales.

Great products outweigh less effort in PR
– It is no surprise that we are so little known here at home, says Paulsen. He points out that a group of physicists established NEO, and this group is perhaps not known for their ability to market themselves.

Paulsen is smiling, knowing the company’s success has not been depending on this. One could also assume that the same physicists’ ability to create products of world class has been more than enough to offset the limited ability for self-promotion?

Neo Monitors was established in 2003 and they have their roots, like most other Norwegian technology companies, in the North Sea. However, unlike many others, they have taken a step away from its original technology and into the gas spectroscopy, specifically gas analysis based on the so-called TDLS (Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy).