LaserGas™ II MP Cabinet

NEO Monitors LaserGas™ is using Tuneable Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TLAS) i.e. a non-contact optical measurement method employing solid-state laser sources. Therefore, the sensor remains unaffected by contaminants and corrosives and does not require regular maintenance. The laser beam is coupled into a Herriott cell, where it is reflected multiple times between two spherical mirrors in order to enhance the analyser sensitivity. The MP monitor is a turn-key instrument. No other operations than connecting power, sample gas tubes and optional purge
are required during installation. To avoid fouling of optical parts in the Multipass cell the cleanliness of the sample gas must be ensured. Filtering the sample gas in an appropriate extractive system may be required for some applications.

Product certifications

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  • Short response time (flow depended)
  • Very low detection limits (ppb for most
  • No interference from background gases
  • Stable calibration
  • No zero drift
  • Offline gas analysis in controlled
  • No moving parts, no consumables,
    turn-key instrument
  • ATEX and CSA certified

Datasheet – LaserGas™II MP Cabinet (356 kB)

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This product’s industries: Aluminium, Cement, Chemical, Emission, Enviromental, Fertilizer, Iron / Steel, LNG, Metal, Natural gas, Nickel, Nuclearpower, Oil & gas, Power, Powerplants, Pulp and paper, Refinery

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