LaserDust™ MP LP XLP

NEO Monitors LaserDust™ Medium Path (MP), Long Path (LP), and Extra Long Path (XLP) Monitors are compact, optical dust monitors for true continuous in-situ measurement of dust concentration or opacity. The monitors are designed for measurement across pipes, stacks, and ducts with typical path lengths of 0.5 – 10 m LaserDust™ Monitors use a transmitter/receiver configuration to measure the dust concentration along the optical line of sight. Our true non-contact approach is superior to
point type dust meters.

With innovative laser technology the LaserDust™ combines two measurement principles in one instrument. At low dust levels it operates with forward scattered light technology: The incident laser light is scattered by dust particles and collected onto a solid-state sensor for dust quantification. This highly sensible mode enables detection limits of < 0.5 mg/Nm3 and is unaffected by dust depositing on the windows. At high dust levels the LaserDust™ will measure transmittance or opacity: Light absorption by dust particles is captured by a 2nd sensor.

Product certifications

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  • Response time down to one second
  • Suitable for high temperatures
  • Cross stack measurement up to 10 m
  • High dynamic range (mg or g with one
  • Scattered light detection for high
  • Non-contact measurement
  • No moving parts

Datasheet – LaserDust™ MP LP XLP (350 kB)

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This product’s industries: Aluminium, Cement, Chemical, Emission, Fertilizer, Iron / Steel, Metal, Nickel, Nuclearpower, Power, Powerplants

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