Through its subsidiaries, they mainly operate in four business segments: oil, chemical, lubricant and R & D.
slider1In mid-2012 SK Innovation did a demo installation of analysers from NEO Monitors for measuring oxygen. The laser technology used in the solutions from NEO was new to the Korean market. Because of this, SK Innovation was skeptical to the new way of measuring gas. Based on recommendations from Neo Monitors distributor in Korea, Hanaenviro, a test unit was deployed and tested.

Zirconium-based O2 monitors have long traditions in the Korean market. The laser technology and the LaserGas products from NEO Monitors introduce a new way of measuring gas. After a 6 month demo period SK Innovation evaluated the test unit carefully based on many parameters. The result was very positive and proved that solutions from Neo Monitors were superior in the competition.

– We have searched for many years to find alternative solutions better suited our needs for precise measurements, said Steve Kim, Senior Engineer at SK Innovation.

– Because of the conditions in our refinery, we need high quality products that operate in rough environments over long periods. Our previous solution had trouble with this, said Kim.

– The solution from NEO Monitors has yielded benefits such as reliability, accuracy and quality. We save both time and money with the new analyzers and we plan is to purchase more units next year, said Kim.

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