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Leading Australian instrumentation supplier, ProDetec, today announced that it has partnered exclusively with the Norwegian manufacturer, NEO Monitors, to add its gas analysers and dust monitors to its extensive range.

According to ProDetec’s General Manager, Mr Buddy Barakat, the partnership will ensure Australian and New Zealand firms now have access to the sophisticated NEO Monitors as well as commissioning, product expertise, training and after sales support.

Mr Buddy Barakat, General Manager, ProDetec

Mr Buddy Barakat, General Manager, ProDetec

‘NEO Monitors are a world-renowned innovator and manufacturer of leading laser-based gas analysers and dust monitors. Their equipment is used extensively within process and emission control, and their unique tunable diode laser technology is both proven and highly accurate.

‘We are delighted to be able to partner with NEO Monitors and to bring such a highly regarded brand to the local market. In addition to product, we will also be providing customers with access to training, support and servicing, and of course, technical expertise,’ said Buddy.

NEO Monitors offer an extensive range of solutions that measure dust and gas in various industrial fields including the chemical and metal industries, combustion, motor industry, fertilizer sector, pulp and paper, and refinery and power. The monitors can be used to measure dust and gas concentration across flues and ducts, and in open areas.

Committed to maintaining its technological edge in the field of laser based gas and dust monitors, NEO Monitors, continues to build on its 30 years of research and development. The company also cultivates relationships with key research institutes to maintain its global leadership in gas spectroscopy.

The partnership with NEO Monitors will allow ProDetec to complement as well as broaden its existing range of monitoring and detecting equipment.

‘The need to produce accurate analytical and monitoring data is essential across a number of industries and the addition of NEO Monitors to our range means customers will now have greater choice when it comes to choosing the most suitable measurement equipment for their needs,’ explained Buddy.

NEO Monitors uses innovative laser-based technology in its gas and dust monitors. In the case of gas, the technology analyses absorption by sending a laser beam through the gas flow to measure the loss of light. The LaserGas will internally calculate and output the concentration of gas in parts per million. This technology eliminates the need for direct contact and moving parts, and as a result, delivers highly accurate results within seconds.

‘Our partnership with NEO Monitors reinforces our commitment to effectively meeting the needs of our customers and strengthens our position as a leading industry supplier of measuring equipment in the Australasian region,’ said Buddy.

About Prodetec
ProDetec is a leading Australian supplier of instruments as well as powerful solutions that allow users to detect, monitor and control process variables in numerous industries including food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical, crude oil production, petrochemical and refinery industry, oil and gas, pulp and paper, waste water and drinking water treatment.
Dynamic and highly professional, the company has a long history of tailoring solutions to meet the requirements of customers as well as providing engineering expertise, commissioning, field service and after sales support.
The company has an enviable reputation for delivering products and solutions that provide undisputed quality and reliability.

To learn more about ProDetec, please go to their web page, Prodetec.