Distributor of the year; Bernt GmbH

It is gratifying that so many as 25 distributors had the opportunity to spend two full days with us. 44 people met at the harbour in Copenhagen, Denmark, and after everyone had found their accommodation on the boat, we set sail for Norway.

On the crossing from Denmark to Norway, we initiated the professional part of the seminar by presenting our “new start” focusing on manufacturing, delivery and procedures. From the start in 2003, NEO Monitors has grown from just under 200 delivered laser-based gas and dust analysers, to well over 1,000 in 2014. This is one of the main reasons why we changed facilities in August and has seen a huge quality boost that increases the ability to streamline production.

Furthermore, we presented the strategy going forward, our market approach and marketing communications, new systems to improve procedures towards distributors, competitor analysis and more. The professional part of day one concluded with a presentation on sales processes and new products that are coming.

After a breakfast on Norwegian ground, we went to our new facilities for a tour and more professional input. It was a proud moment when we welcomed our distributors for a tour in our new facilities. We continued with presentations on new research and development in the parent organization NEO, and some words from our marketing assistance Iteo Consulting. Two distributors held presentations. Matt Welland and Jeff Schowalter from Novatech presented how LaserGasTM II has increased the safety level with precise measurements of O2 and CO/CH4 in furnaces at three Ethylene and two Polyethylene plants in Canada.

Juliette Popueney and Alexandre Rabet from Sistec gave us an introduction on how they have measured O2 in coal transportation line to avoid gas mix with our LaserGasTM III in the cement industry in France.

Back on board the boat, and heading for Denmark, Remko ten Bruggencate from BR-Controls, Australia, initiated the last professional session with a presentation on how they have solved open path monitoring for HF detection in an Alkylation plant in Brisbane with LaserGasTM III OP HF. The seminar ended with an exciting wine tasting and a dinner where awards were handed out. And the winners were:

We are really appreciating the hard and great work you do, your honest feedback and patience. Without our distributors, NEO Monitors would not be where we are today. Thank you!