NEO Monitors and Spectrum Analytics are participating in the annual Analysis Division Symposium in Galveston, Texas, USA April 24th to 28th.

The annual Symposium is a premier event for the presentation of innovative processes and analytical techniques, developments, and applications. The conference gathers experts in the fields of spectroscopy, chromatography, electrochemistry and sample handling.

The Symposium is sponsored by the ISA Analysis Division, and offers a forum for the discussion of these varied topics.

CEO at Spectrum Analytics, David Nicholson, is looking forward to the symposium and presenting a wide range of products;

“With the recent advertising efforts NEO Monitors has made over several of the top magazines, it has resulted in great awareness of our new products which were released this year. As a result of this, many of our customers have expressed great interest in seeing our new LaserGas™ Q and LaserGas™ iQ2 analyzers.

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CEO at Spectrum Analytics, David Nicholson

Spectrum Analytics are very excited in displaying another first to market industrial solution with such proven spectroscopic methods in gas analysis. To offer a lasing analyzer which has been desired for over 10 years that could measure O2, CO and CH4 all in one is huge for the entire market. Advanced techniques such as these are what really make a difference in creating a safer and more efficient way of analysis. So yes, we are looking forward to the ISA AD 2016 show this year.”

In addition to displaying our great products and exciting news, Dr. Peter Geiser, Ove Bjorøy from NEO Monitors and Karsten Brink Floor from FLO2R Gas Analysis Consulting will present a paper entitled Laser-Based Multi-Component Gas Analysis in Harsh Environments; 

Multi-component gas analysis is traditionally dominated by extractive systems like gas chromatographs or FTIR instruments. However, the success of in-situ single-gas analyzers based on near-infrared tunable laser absorption spectroscopy has generated an increasing interest of industrial users in in-situ multi-component analysis.

The simultaneous measurement of oxygen (O2) and carbon monoxide (CO) is a common task not only for classical combustion control but also for example of interest in the cement industry. The latter poses a challenge due to extremely high dust loads in the process.

A newly developed and recently patented probe for high-dust load applications allows measuring in harsh environments. Tests of the probe in combination with a laser-based multi-gas analyzer have been conducted with very promising and convincing results.


Karsten Brink Floor from FLO2R Gas Analysis Consulting with the recently patented probe for high-dust load applications

Please come visit us at our stand at ISA 2016! We are looking forward to meeting you.