Our distributor in Italy, Socrate, believes the close collaboration between our companies ensures tailored solutions that meet the needs in the oil-, gas-, and petrochemical industry in Southern Europe and Northern parts of Africa.


CEO at Socrate Nicola Sorrentino

Socrate has more than three decades of experience delivering high-quality cutting-edge innovation to industries requiring a complete set of solutions. This for analytical process application needs on different types of systems such as natural gas flow and quality metering stations, sulphur recovery systems, desulphurization systems, petrol and diesel blending, oven combustion control and solutions for refining plants. It has in later years also developed specialized skills within fire and gas detection and extinguisher systems.

– Today Socrate meets Italian, Croatian, Libyan and Tunisian market needs with solutions both in the process analysis and the metering sectors as well as that of fire and gas detection and extinguisher systems, says CEO Nicola Sorrentino.

– Only a high quality instrument or system provides the customer with an adequate return on investment and, in fact, although sometimes it may seem economically more challenging, shows in time to be the bearer of unquestionable added value. Installments on a system require a proper start-up and proper maintenance over time. This is why our service staff engineers are constantly undergoing refresher courses on products and our solutions, and why the close dialogue we have with suppliers such as NEO Monitors is so important, says Sorrentino.

Can you describe Socrate with three words?
Proficiency. Experience. Responsibility

What do you deliver to your clients?
Since 1984 we offer to oil and gas and petrochemical industries products, systems, service activities and turnkey solutions for process analysis, fiscal custody transfer, fire and gas detection and extinguisher systems.

Why do you partner with NEO Monitors?
We trust NEO Monitors as the best application developer. NEO Monitors is the pioneer of TDL technology and we believe they can be the most effective partner for market of the future.

How do you use NEO Monitors’ solutions to help your customers?
Thanks to the knowledge and the competence of NEO Monitors’ spectroscopists, we can count on the best support for studying and developing the applications that our clients need.

Can you mention one new, important trend that is relevant for your customers today?
H2S in natural gas in low ppm concentration eventually using scrubbing technology.

Can you describe your best experience with NEO Monitors?
Working with NEO Monitors is a great experience and every new one soon becomes the best one – until another experience arrives!

If you had the opportunity to meet one scientific genius, who would it be and what would ask him if you only had one question?
I would ask Mario Capecchi, an Italian-born American molecular geneticist and a co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, about the threshold between ethics and morals.

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