Our distributor in France experiences an increasing need for measurement solutions that deliver more for less. Therefore, they would not dream of anything other than our cutting-edge solutions.


Sistec are experts in taking on new technology and convince customers why they should invest in the most innovative solutions with the highest quality. They have been loyal and constructively challenging partner for many years, and together we have innovated and amazed customers across France. Our partner contact Juliette Poupeney have gathered feedback from several colleagues for this column, and the undisputed verdict is that our partnership and rooted in quality, expertise and solutions that deliver the best value for advanced needs.

Please describe Sistec with three words? 

Expertise, Reliability, Service

What do you deliver to your clients? 

We offer industrial analytical solutions based on technologies that are the industry benchmark in the years to come. We have been selling FTIR for 15 years, TDLAS for 10 years, and Mass Spectroscopy for 3 years. We are proud to take on emerging technology and make it the market standard as the most technically and profitable solutions for customers wanting the best gas analysis.

Why do you partner with NEO Monitors? 

We started the collaboration ten years ago, when TDL technology was still confidential, since we strongly believed in TDL as the future reference technology. We have several times experienced that sceptical customers, that replaced other solutions with NEO Monitors analyzers, have thanked us for the advice.

How do you use NEO Monitors’ solutions to help your customers? 

Customers would like to focus on their business, and most of the time the gas analysis is just one of many tools they rely on. Therefore it’s great to offer solutions that require minimum maintenance and many years of flawless delivery of valuable and precise measurement.

Can you mention one new, important trend that is relevant for your customers today? 

Analyzers that are easy to install, easy to use, and require a minimum of maintenance.

Can you describe your best experience with NEO Monitors?

There are many, and all rooted in great customer feedback. Our customers have done thorough research before selecting analyzers, and therefore it is fantastic that the instruments from NEO Monitors always delivers as intended. We would also like to mention the installations where we put five units together on a 30 cm diameter stack, thus building a complete incinerator CEMS, and the unparalleled reliability easily compensated the initial extra cost for such a setup.

If you had the opportunity to meet one scientific genius, who would it be and what would ask him if you only had one question?

Alexandre Grothendieck:  Why did you transformed into hermit at the end of your life? We would also like to ask the question when we will discover all the secrets of quantum physics?

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