Environment- and emissions specialist, Chris Torjussen, at our Norwegian distributor believe that they improve HSE and profitability for their customers through collaborating NEO Monitors.


Chris Torjussen at Norsk Analyse AS

Norsk Analyse provides turn-key analytical solutions for the process industry. They have the last years expanded their operations considerably and are present in six countries. They operate from their HQ in Tønsberg that are Norway’s oldest city and close to the capital Oslo. Chris Torjussen used to work at NEO Monitors and have therefore great knowledge about us, and states that the partnership ensures that both parties are strengthened.

– Our unmatched analytical expertise and process knowledge, accumulated through more than 25 years of experience, ensures that our customers specifications are met with the best technical, commercial and operational results, says Torjussen.

Please describe Norsk Analyse with three words?
We are experienced, professional and international. We are a system integrator and solutions provider.

What do you deliver to your clients?
We aim to deliver the broadest and best solutions portfolio to our business partners, ranging from standalone instruments to complete solutions for gas and liquid analytics. Our knowledge and experience ensure that our end-customers have control, insight, compliance and better ability to streamline operations to improve on HSE and profitability. Decisions are made on better foundations, and increased control ensures that our customers sleep better at night.

Why do you partner with NEO Monitors?
In addition to being Norwegian, they have market-leading products in the LaserGas portfolios. They have the solutions that ensure that we can deliver the right value and increased control to our customers that  ensure better operational results and opportunities to increase profitability.

How do you use NEO Monitors’ solutions to help your customers?
We have several ways where these products deliver the expected outcome and results, such as NH3 monitoring in deNOx process, CO detection before ESP and H2S in paper/pulp sector. We also use NEO Solutions to improve results in complete solutions integrated with products from other vendors, such as our CEMS solution.

Can you mention one new, important trend that is relevant for your customers today?
H2S in Natural Gas. Market tend to accept TDL. We look forward to when NEO Monitors launch a solution for this need. I’m sure they may park the competition completely.

Can you describe your best experience with NEO Monitors?
They have a professional team, and are great in production and R&D.

Please learn more about our trusted local partner by visiting their website