Spectrum Analytics is truly excited about the recently launched LaserGasTM iQ2. The R&D breakthrough meets the wants and needs from a very constructively demanding audience that have been longing for such a solution.

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CEO David Nicholson is proud of his company and joint achievements with NEO Monitors. They have recently launched a bigger campaign to better serve its customers’ needs for the best and safest solutions ranging from from simple analytical gas analyzers to fully engineered solutions. A key piece of news in this regards are the ground-breaking solution that are ready for shipment in q4 2015. Read more about LaserGasTM iQ2 here.
Spectrum Analytics specialize in process analytics’, combustion analyzers, and gas detection with a high-level of experience and application development.

Can you describe Spectrum Analytics with three words?
Committed. Supportive. Experienced.

What do you deliver to your clients?
We provide our clients the best in class solution for their application needs without compromising the highest of quality and safety. Our solutions range from simple analyzers to engineered and complex integration. With our application experience, engineering support and focus on quality, we provide our clients with the performance and efficiency they expect in a safe and reliable package.

Why do you partner with NEO Monitors?
It’s simple, NEO Monitors continues to be recognized as the leader in World-Class Global Performance. Since Norsk Elektro Optikk is the original developer of TDL products, their application experience guarantees we have the most comprehensive list of data when providing solutions to our customers. In addition, NEO Monitors offers us with the largest portfolio of quality spectroscopic products in the world and more importantly provides us with superior support by the largest staff of R&D scientists I know of. So when you have a manufacturer that’s best in class, quality driven, supportive, and listens to their customers, it’s easy to see why we are proud to partner with NEO Monitors.

How do you use NEO Monitors’ solutions to help your customers?
NEO Monitors solutions helps our customers by:
• improving their process efficiency
• offering innovative products where reliability and safety are of concern
• providing products where complex and high maintenance analyzers previously existed
• offering proven techniques of analysis based on their extensive application experience
• allowing our customers to standardize based on products global certifications
• reducing the overall maintenance compared to conventional analyzers
• increasing the ROI (return on Investments)

Can you mention one new, important trend that is relevant for your customers today?
The most significant trend from our customers I’ve noticed in the past decade has been the request for a combined O2/CO/CH4 measurement in combustion applications. That’s why we are so excited about LaserGasTM iQ2.

Can you describe your best experience with NEO Monitors?
It’s difficult to name a best experience when you enjoy solving daily problems for customers, our best experiences are when we can utilize NEO’s scientist to solve our customers’ most challenging process applications. To see them smile with confidence once the project is complete only adds to our best experiences.

If you had the opportunity to meet one scientific genius, who would it be and what would ask him if you only had one question?
I’ve always been intrigued by Albert Einstein. Einstein once said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” With that quote in mind I imagine I would ask him; It has been 100 years now since your Theory of Relativity was written. Please explain in detail whether you feel the current findings in the field of physics has significantly progressed or regressed since 1915 compared to the current 21st Century and what you would do to advance the study if any?

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