Président at Canadian Novatech, Frédéric Vergès, explains how collaboration with NEO Monitors ensures that they are able to meet the strictest demands from their customers.

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Président at Novatech, Frédéric Vergès,

Novatech have for almost 25 years, met the most advanced needs within the field of analytical instrumentation for process, environmental analysis and detection solutions. The company is an exclusive distributor and integrator for a complete range of analytical instrument manufacturers for gas and liquid analysis.

– We provide solutions handpicked from all over the world. The partnership with NEO Monitors secures us the best tools with TDLAS-technology and applications that operates in the most demanding conditions, says Vergès.

Please describe Novatech with three words?
Expertise, Innovation, Support

What do you deliver to your clients?
The highest quality analytical instrumentation for process, environmental analysis and detection solutions. Our professional team combined with our partnerships with world leading suppliers provide expert advice, support, and design and integration services.

Why do you partner with NEO Monitors?
NEO Monitors has the broadest TDL offering combined with the best specifications on the market. Their analysers are of very high quality and extremely reliable. That is what an industrial customer wants and needs, and NEO Monitors always deliver on their promises.

How do you use NEO Monitors’ solutions to help your customers?
NEO’s solutions help our customers by:
• increasing process reliability and/or safety
• reducing preventive maintenance
• reducing cost of operation
• reducing the need for expensive spare parts
• eliminating routine calibration
• allowing critical measurements that were not feasible with traditional sampling methods

Can you mention one new, important trend that is relevant for your customers today?
Combined CO/CH4 measurement for NG fuel combustion process, and combined CO/O2 measurement for all combustion process.

Can you describe your best experience with NEO Monitors?
All of our NEO sales are a best experience, or we should say: Are our customer’s best experience!

If you had the opportunity to meet one scientific genius, who would it be and what would ask him if you only had one question?
It would be Hubert Reeves, a Canadian Astrophysicist, and I would ask him – How could science help to secure lasting peace around the world?

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