NEO Monitors unveils the industry’s most compact CO combustion analyzer suitable for the most demanding environments. LaserGas™ III CO includes measurement of CH4, H2O and temperature in one single unit designed to reduce risk.


Based on decades of experience and customer feedback, NEO Monitors has designed an Ex-d certified tunable diode laser (TDLS) analyzer. The instrument is based on the proven LaserGas™ III platform, and is for those that need CO-monitoring in combustion processes. In combination with LaserGas™ III SP O2, the analyzer is the answer to any combustion process where increased explosion safety is a requirement. This is especially valid for installations in oil & gas- and chemical industries.

–  The new analyzer ensures that our customers need less investments in costly systems for purging and safety of the traditional Ex-p type of instruments. This also reduce operating and maintenance cost significantly, says Ketil Gorm Paulsen, CEO at NEO Monitors.

The LaserGas™ III CO combustion analyzer is also capable of measuring CH4, H2O and temperature. Designed according to IEC61508 and Ex-d makes it suitable for slasergasiiiafety critical applications in any environment from unclassified to zone 1-installatations.

– We hope that this new analyzer makes it easier for the industries to adopt to TDLS as the preferred technology for combustion control. Our customers will now have one compact solution that they can use at any location of a plant. The solution is suitable from short measuring paths up to measuring paths of 25 meters and above, says Paulsen.

The LaserGas™ III SP family of analyzers are now adapted to combustion applications. With two compact analyzers, it offers the possibility to monitor all main components in a combustion process, which is O2, CO, CH4, H2O and temperature. Typical applications that will benefit from the new solution are FCC units, package boilers, process heaters, electrostatic precipitators, VCM waste gas recovery, reformer gas, incineration, etc.

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