Customer References

Global industry leaders and innovators use our Dust and Gas Analyzers. Every customer is unique and NEO Monitors’ task is to find, develop and deliver solutions that solve different needs and demands.

Our solutions are tailored unique challenges. Quality, accuracy and efficient reporting are crucial to serve the main missions:

  1. Optimize production processes

  2. Control and improve safety

  3. Measure emissions

Almost 30 years of R&D within electro optics- and laser technology makes us a competent partner. Innovation is our DNA and we take the risk so that you don’t have to.

Through our over 40 distributors worldwide we have the deep insight in important markets. Our aim is to serve our distributors with the right solutions, service and support and forward this to the end customer.
We listen, learn and answer upon the most complex needs.

Some of our customers

Motor Industry

Fertilizer Industry

Pulp and paper

Case Studies

NEO Monitors conquers the Quasi-impossible

China is a world factory powered by its abundant coal resource. China is facing a huge environmental challenge brought together with the fossil-fired power plants. China has therefore been conducting technical retrofit to the engines of its economy, by introducing emission control facilities. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology is one of the most widely applied […] Read more »

Monitoring for the golden balance

In the world's largest fertilizer factory, Yara takes environment and safety seriously. Customized solutions and deep expertise ensures precise measurements, control and optimization of processes through online and accurate analysis. Read more »

Critical pieces in a big puzzle

How do you monitor what you can’t see? Dynea has chosen solutions that increase control and safety in critical production processes. Read more »