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Our distributor from Belgium, Ankersmid M&C, will be present at the PEFTEC international conference exhibition and seminars in Antwerp Belgium 18th – 19th November 2015. NEO Monitors will be present at the exhibition with Ankersmid M&C.

PEFTEC 2015 (Petroleum, Refining & Environmental Monitoring Technologies) Exhibition and Conference is for Companies specializing in monitoring and analytical technologies for the Petroleum, Refining and Environmental Industries.

PEFTEC brings together an extensive conference and seminar program on case studies, regulation, standards and analytical techniques with a focused exhibition of product and service providers.

The need to produce accurate analytical and monitoring data is essential to industry.

Topics and products featured at PEFTEC 2015 will include: Laboratory testing and measurement, Petrochemical Analysis, Emissions Monitoring in air, Water and Soil, Portable and Field Sampling, Process Monitoring, Reference Materials, Oil Analysis, Calibration, International & Industrial Regulation, Standards, Quality Assurance, Measurement Techniques & Technologies.

PEFTEC will be held in Antwerp which is the World’s second largest cluster of Petrochemical Industry activities and the largest outside of the USA.

Ankersmid M&C will present our latest products, LaserGasTM  iQ2 and LaserGasTM Q SO2.

LaserGasTM  iQ2 is a laser based gamechanger. No other TDLS instrument is able to measure four gases (O2, CO, CH4, H2O) and temperature in one unit for combustion analysis. This ensures vast benefits for industries such as oil and gas and chemical.

LaserGasTM Q SO2 is the new generation of mid-infrared sensors which helps industries better control emissions of sulphur and dioxide (SO2), one og the worst pollution gases. NEO Monitors’ LaserGasTM Q SO2 sensor is a sensitive quality instrument for in-situ measurements of industrial processes.

Ankersmid M&C is an important player on the market for on-line analytical solutions for both gas, water and solids applications.

Please visit Ankersmid M&C and representatives from NEO Monitors at stand 103.


To read more about PEFTEC, please read more at their web site